Advanced Botanical Skincare

Discover our hand-crafted products packed with advanced botanical ingredients.

Thorn-bearing plants, bushes and trees grow abundantly in North Norfolk, many of them prized for their cosmetic and medicinal qualities. Wild and cultivated thorns – in particular Rose, Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip, Raspberry and Juniper – are at the heart of our super natural skincare range.

In our Norfolk laboratory we create hand-crafted, clinically approved products that are densely packed with high-quality living cells, and advanced botanical ingredients.

Using modern science, we formulate our range to utilise skin-identical ingredients, which means our products will instantly start regenerating, repairing, and protecting the skin. The results are compounding, meaning your skin’s condition improves with every application.

Formulated to protect, nourish, regenerate and repair all skin types

Hand crafted formula
Ethically sourced organic ingredients
Not tested on animals

We are exclusively available to our customers via our online shop or within our Thirns Treatment rooms. Unlike other skincare brands we have no middlemen to pay, our hand-crafted products are exceptional in their price, vitality and delivering results.

Our Ethos

Thirns is an advanced botanical made-to-order, skincare range. Our products are designed to enable you to take your therapist home in our jars. We harness nature’s laboratory and saturate every product with key-ingredients that elevate and invigorate your skin.

All of our products are made in our own laboratory in North Norfolk. This enables us to stand confidently behind our guarantees of the origin, safety, and purity of our products.

Thirns products are exclusively available direct from us, cutting out all middlemen, enabling us to handcraft super natural products at an unrivalled price.

Where available, Thirns uses Ecocert or Cosmos certified organic ingredients. We do not use any ingredients that have been tested on animals, nor do we test on animals ourselves. All our products are plant-based, but we are particularly careful to avoid any direct use of palm oil or products containing palm oil or its extracts.

All Thirns skincare products are rigorously laboratory tested for stability, resistance to microbial contamination and degeneration, safe application, and safe storage.

We are also equally vigilant about responsible sourcing to ensure, as far as we can reasonably determine, that the ingredients we use are not based on child labour, exploitation of subject or indigenous populations, gender or religious groups and do not contribute to environmental degradation and plant and/or animal species extinction. For this reason, we are particularly careful to avoid any direct use of palm oil or products containing palm oil or its extracts.

  • Olga has made such a huge impact on my skin, from the very first appointment I trusted her and felt I was in extremely professional hands. Emma Curtis
  • My skin has improved in so many ways, texture, enlarged pores, wrinkles and most importantly for me, blemishes and breakouts. For the first time in 20 years, I now go to work with just a touch of mascara!! Emma Curtis
  • She is calm, knowledgeable and has actually changed my life. Emma Curtis